It’s what we call cold cup syndrome.

Coffee not hot enough? Well there is always a some variance in the temperatures that different boilers operate at but in most cases this will between 96-98 degrees, anything higher may result in the equipment overheating and automatically shutting down.

Of course, it’s the dispense temperature that is probably most important when making drinks as heat is lost for various reasons but you should expect 92-94 degrees from the tap. Plenty hot enough to scald if not paying attention!

So why, when I sit down at my desk is my drink not hot enough?

It’s surprising what simple things cause the temperature to drop so quickly. Firstly ambient temperature. How often to we reach the winter months and go to the cupboard for a mug and it’s cold. We get a spoon from the drawer and it’s cold, we add some cold milk, maybe place on a cold metal tray, get side tracked on the way back to our desk and hey presto, we take our first sip. Yuk!

Think about, pre warming your mug with a little hot water for a few seconds along with spoon if metal (don’t forget to dry before dunking in the coffee jar!). Alternatively, maybe use a plastic spoon and if making several drinks and using a tray, plastic would be better.

Not much we can do if you take milk other than to preheat microwave but probably not the best idea in the workplace. And of course don’t forget to drink I, it won’t keep hot forever.

If this all fails your boiler is probably broken and you’ll need to book a service call.